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Pianist - Composer - Arranger

Daniel Lamberti was born in Buenos Aires ( Argentina). He began to study music when he was 9. Daniel`s musical education includes pianoforte, flute, guitar, theory, harmony ( traditional / contemporary), composition, arrangements and orchestra conducting (jazz and popular styles). In 1980, he began his career teaching music, playing piano, conducting ensembles and composing. At present, Daniel composes music in many genres ( for solo instruments - especially piano - as well as chamber ensembles). He has also been running his private music teaching studio for twenty years, teaching piano, flute, harmony and composition. Daniel has published seven books for music learning: Piano – A Methodology / Piano – 96 First Sight Reading Exercises / Rhythm Patterns / Improvisation - Scales and Arpeggios / Improvisation - Patterns / Improvisation - solos / 6 variations of popular tunes.

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