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The style of my compositions and arrangements is very varied because, for reasons of study, work or preference, I introduced myself into a wide range of musical genre.From the beginning of my musical education until now, I have studied, composed and performed the following styles: classical music, rock, jazz, Brazilian music ( I lived 12 years in Brazil), ballads, pop, boleros, tango, folklore, instrumental music, jingles, and music for songs, films, plays and documentaries.

Composition has always been one of my favorite musical activities. Right from the start of my musical training I explored that area, first in a basically intuitive way and then, having incorporated some knowledge of theory, harmony, counterpoint, arrangement and orchestration, I continued the exploration under a more academic perspective.

As a composer and arranger I am engaged in the following activities:
  • music composition for films

  • music composition for the theater

  • music composition for web sites

  • composition of advertisement music ( jingles, short advertisement films, documentaries)

  • music composition for poems ( songs in diverse styles)

  • arrangements of vocal and instrumental music for all types of orchestra formations

  • production of CDs ( arrangements and musical conduction)

  • transcription and adaptation of originals for all types of orchestra formations

  • writing of scores and “particellas” ( on a computer / FINALE)

  • musical arrangements in general ( for demos, “CDs”, shows, individual performances, etc.)  

I think that, when it comes to music, the most important thing is not to reflect or make comments on it, but “to listen to music and be able to feel it”. This is why I included in this site a varied sample of some of my compositions in different forms, styles and applications (see compositions and arrangements).



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